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The following State Button links will allow AMA clubs and members to identify, track, and monitor legislation on sUAS/Drones/Model-Aircraft in real-time that if passed may negatively impact the operation of model aircraft within each New England state. Click on the state button links below and explore the bills and data from each state.      


AMA District I Letters and Documents Sent to State/Local Legislators

Click on the following document numbers to view some of the different types of legislation we have addressed with letters and comments we made in opposition to bills during legislative hearings throughout New England

LETTERS/TESTIMONY           LEGISLATION TYPE                          AGENCY                    CLICK BILL #                      (CLICK DATES)                     (BILL/ORDINANCE)                     (STATE/CITY)           (OR AMENDMENT)

01/30/17 STATE BILL-Restricts UAS flying locations and altitudes -Representatives- HB-97 New Hampshire

                            ISSUES - No UAS operations at specified distances from designated "Critical                         

01/18/17  Infrastructures", required identity marking on UAS, no operations below          HB-97-A

                       250 ft. without permission, privacy requirements for permission. 

01/16/17  STATUS - On 2/15/17 HB-97 was referred to Criminal Justice & Public Safety. FAA HR-636

                       HB-97 with the FAA HR-636 2209 amendments, requires FAA approval for structures/locations to be        01/16/17  designated a "critical infrastructure", eliminates the need for name and address on UAS, but requires a                               phone number. Operations less than 250 ft. over private property, requires owners permission  01/14/17  as does reasonable expectation of privacy. 


01/27/17  CITY ORDINANCE - UAS Registration, Operations -           City Council -  197-15  Newton, Mass.  

                      ISSUES - Register sUAS with City, Altitude Limit, Conflicts with federal law         

01/17/17  STATUS - Passed however, Citizen filed federal lawsuit against city claiming 

                             Federal law preempts the drone ordinance. Singer vs. City of Newton - Constitutionality of State Statute - 

09/18/16  Case# 1:2017cv10071.





02/13/16   STATE BILL - UAS exclusive authority of operations -  Study Commission HB-7511 Rhode Island 

                       ISSUES - Exclusive State and RI Airport Corp. authority to regulate UAS.

02/13/16   STATUS - Passed July 1, 2016 however, regulatory authority subject to federal law. 

                        SUPPORTING DOCS - AMA and FAA additional presentation notes.                    



02/04/16 STATE BILL - State exclusive authority over UAS -         Representatives - HB-7334 Rhode Island 

                       ISSUES - UAS registration, operations limited within miles of airports and schools. Privacy limitations.

                     STATUS - Held for further study April 26, 2016. 




01/26/16 STATE BILL- UAS restricts altitude, requires insurance & license -Senators- SB-459 New Hampshire 

                     ISSUES - Limits UAS flight altitudes to 100 ft. AGL. Requires $1 million in liability insurance

                     STATUS - Dead January 29, 2016.

01/29/16  ADDITIONAL - Testimony  


08/09/15  TOWN RESOLUTION Flying site acquisition -                    SelectmenTyngsboro, Massachusetts

                       ISSUES - Town Conservation controlled use of property neighbor's farm customer noise and safety issue.  

                      STATUS - Permit issued July 1, 2015 for R/C flying on selected days and times. 

08/09/15  SUPPORTING documents - AMA Safety Programming and enforcement, risk mitigation and passive use. 


03/04/15  STATE BILL - UAS exclusive authority and registration - Representatives- HB-5453 Rhode Island

                       ISSUES - Exclusive State authority to restrict flying within miles of airports, parks, schools, ponds,

                     government agencies and private property.

                     STATUS - Held for further study March 31, 2015. 


03/15/15  STATE RESOLUTION- Create UAS Study Commission - RepresentativesHB-5293 Rhode Island

                       ISSUES11 member commission without representation from the hobby/AMA community.

                     STATUS - Passed to make recommendations for the regulation of drones in Rhode Island, and reports

                     back to House by Jan. 6, 2016 and expires on April 6, 2016.


02/08/15 STATE BILL - Restrict UAS flying locations and altitude -RepresentativesHB-602 New Hampshire

                     ISSUES - No person may operate drones below 400 ft. within 5 miles of airports in N.H. Privacy restrictions.

                          STATUS - Dead January 8, 2015.  



06/21/14 STATE POLICY - FAA Permission required to fly any UAS in R.I. - Airport Commission - Rhode Island 

                     ISSUES - Excluded all flying of UAS including hobbyist without FAA permission.

                     STATUS - After discussion with AMA district VP, policy restriction for recreational UAS flying was dropped.  



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