AMA District 1 Outreach "Toolkits"

Promotional and Marketing materials for members and clubs

Welcome to the AMA District 1 Outreach "Toolkits" page.  Most of these resources are being provided free for anyone to download, share, or print out and use at individual outreach events, school visits, club events, etc. 

The goal is to share the story of AMA- The Academy of Model Aeronautics within and BEYOND our aeromodelling community.  AMA is always interested in increasing the membership since the member driven non-profit is only stronger with more members.  Properly and accurately informing about the many benefits of AMA membership is key. These resources are intended to make that process easier and have consistent messaging while including AMA in the conversation.

Thanks for accessing these resources and sharing them widely with ANYONE interested in aeromodelling as a hobby, recreation, family activity, STE(A)M based educational tool or any of the other programs available.  It is so much more than "insurance and a magazine."  Help tell the story.

We have tried to create easily and inexpensively produced, printed and electronically shared materials.  Other popular materials for outreach (Available from AMA HQ, call/ contact AMA Flight School) include: Model Aviation magazines, FPG-9 and "Quick Projects" from AMA Flight School, "Hand Chuck" Balsa AMA gliders, AMA Alphas, Bravos, and more.  *Some items are sold at a nominal cost or available in bulk at a cost savings. 

We continue to work with AMA marketing to expand this District/ Club Outreach "Tool-kit" concept. Check this page for updated items.

*This page is new as of Sep 2023 and resources will be added as they are created and made available from AMA HQ

AMA Tri-Fold Brochure. An AMA overview "living" document with

 QR codes for easy access to more information including the "Club Finder." 

 This can make a nice addition to individual club created promotional

 information.  Access to this file is FREE! Create you own District or club version!


 Click here>  AMA Tri Fold HANDOUT 9.3.23 R4 PDF.pdf to open a pdf file that 

 can be printed and/or shared. 

 Use at Club events, have on hand for prospective and new members and even

 a review for long time members!  Use at Educational Outreach at school visits,

 at community events.  Share via email, club websites, social media, etc.  Help

 us get the word out "into public!"

 When printing: Two sided, flip on long side (as pictured).

 Fold- "Z fold"- Left 1/3 columns on each side become the front and back of

 the brochure.