AMA Club Programs: 

The Introductory Pilot Program - Are you a club member wanting to introduce your hobby to a non-AMA member? The Introductory Pilot Program was created to allow club members the opportunity to invite someone that may have an interest in aeromodelling to the club flying site. The non-AMA member may fly under the direct supervision of a club-designated Introductory Pilot Instructor, and receive AMA's liability insurance for a period of 90 days. 

Read the full Introductory Pilot Program with Application HERE

The Club Recognition & Reward Program - The Academy of Model Aeronautics encourages clubs across the country to take part in events and serve the community in ways that will entice community members to learn more about the hobby of model aviation. Becoming a vital part of your community will help your club build your membership and inspire others, including the youth in your community. To encourage clubs to promote model aviation, the AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage.

Read the full Club Recognition & Reward Program with Application HERE

The Leader Club Awards Program - In order to recognize the leadership of the best model clubs, the Academy has established the AMA Leader Club Awards.These awards can be earned by any AMA chartered club, by meeting certain standards of community service and activity. There are three levels of AMA Leader Clubs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Once a club meets the minimum criteria, it qualifies for different levels based on performance. AMA has established 6 goals (one goal can be waived) and nine electives to obtain Leader Club status. A club that meets the required five goals, plus three of the electives, qualifies as a Bronze level Leader Club. Meeting the required five plus six electives qualifies the club for the Silver level. The ultimate recognition, Gold level, requires that all goals be met.

Read the full Club Awards Program with Application HERE 

Verify AMA Membership - Verify allows AMA clubs to verify that a person is a current member (dues paid) of the AMA by entering the persons name and AMA membership number. If the person doesn't know their AMA member number, contact the district vice president and he will be able to access the AMA database to determine membership status.

Verify AMA member status with person's name and AMA number HERE

AMA Club Chartering Guide Program - This allows local AMA members the opportunity to join together as a group, enjoy camaraderie, exchange modeling tips and tricks, and secure use of flying sites. AMA charters nearly 2,400 clubs throughout the United States and provides the clubs with various programs and benefits. The annual fee to charter a club is $40. After it is chartered, your club will receive a certificate as proof of its chartered status with AMA. The club charter year starts on March 31. This runs concurrently with the dates of the liability insurance coverage, which is provided at no extra cost as a benefit to the club and the club officers. 

Read the full Club Chartering Guide Program with Application HERE

TAG / Take Off and Grow Program - If your club wants to introduce model aviation to its youth, newcomers, friends and neighbors and receive local recognition and benefits for being active in your community, then apply for this AMA TAG Grant. Clubs receiving a grant to host a TAG Model Aviation Day will be provided with a packet to assist them in hosting a successful event. The packet will include a document with ideas on promoting and advertising your event as well as an outline of possible activities to take place during the actual day of the event. If your club is selected to receive a TAG Model Aviation Day grant, the AMA will provide up to $1000 to use to set up your program. At the end of the event, items purchased are your club’s to keep as AMA’s way of saying “thanks for helping out.”

Read the TAG Program Requirements with Application 1. HERE  

Club Disaster & Relief Program - When nature turns cruel, AMA is there for clubs.

The Academy’s most prized possessions, aside from its members, of course, are the thousands of AMA flying sites that are necessary to pursue aeromodeling at its best. When a natural disaster strikes, AMA has your back. For chartered clubs that suffer damage to their sites through natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquake, fire, or similar catastrophic events, AMA offers limited financial assistance (up to $500 per incident) to help clubs with the repairs needed to make sure that the damaged flying site is again accessible and usable to club members. Please note: This is a grant, not a loan. It is not intended to pay for repairs to structures or facilities, except as to the extent to make the site and runway adequate for flying once again. Your club needs to provide photos and information about the damage for your application to qualify.

Application for Disaster & Relief Program HERE

AMA Flying Site Grants - The AMA Flying Site Development Improvement Grant Program is designed to help provide funding for AMA Chartered Clubs that are making improvements to AMA Chartered Club Flying sites. You have to be a club officer to apply for a grant. Grant applications become available on early Sept and are due by Feb 1 of the Grant year.  Recipients of this grant will be announced May 1 of each year and it may be up to 25% of the total improvement cost to the maximum of $3,000.

For Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Application 1. HERE   

Flying Site Assistance Program - The AMA has been involved in helping clubs with flying site issues for many years.  

Getting a flying site remains a matter of local people locating a suitable piece of ground and then making the correct approach to the owners/administrators. Keeping the flying site you have is an issue that, unfortunately, is many times left to chance by clubs. A renewed effort is being placed on educating clubs and members on way to ensure that the flying site you enjoy today will still be there for you tomorrow. 

AMA Booklets and Helpful Club Flying Site Information follows:

Site Documents and Resources

Getting and Keeping Flying Sites
Flying Site Description Form
Suggested RC Flying Site Specifications
AMA Sound Abatement Recommendations
Flying Site Grant Development


Administrative Documents

Site Owner Coverage
Application for Insuring Flying Site Owners or Event Sponsors
Sample Leases


Videos and Presentations

Proposal to the Harriman City Council
Getting and Keeping Flying Sites Powerpoint Presentation
BCMA Presentation.pptx
Clark State.pptx
Clovis RC Club v2.pptx
CMA Presentation TONY.pptx
CRCC PowerPoint.pdf
DeLand Golden Hawks Flying Site Search Presentation.pdf
FG RC Park Presentation Slide Show.pps
Getting and Keeping an AMA Flying Site.ppt
GMARC Deck.pptx
RC Airpark Presentation.pptx

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