AMA Vision

We, the members of the Academy of model Aeronautics, are the pathway to the future of modeling and are committed to making modeling the foremost sport/hobby in the world. 
This vision is accomplished through: 
  • Affiliations with valued associates, the modeling industry and governments. 
  • A process of continuous improvement.
  • A commitment to leadership, quality, education and scientific/technical development. 
  • A safe, secure, enjoyable modeling environment. 
AMA Mission

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is a world-class association of modelers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education, advancement, and safeguarding of modeling activities. 

The Academy provides leadership, organization, competition, communication, protection, representation, recognition, education, and scientific/technical development to modelers. 


AMA Outreach Team volunteers from throughout the region with a wide variety of backgrounds- Engineers, Professional Pilots, Private Pilots, Trades Professionals, Air Traffic Controllers, Educators, etc. want to work with anyone interested in providing: Entertainment, Education, and Engagement through the many types of aeromodelling activities available.


1. To build an AMA District I Advocacy Network of AMA members, clubs, and supporters of AMA recreational, educational and competitive model aviation activities. 

2. To collaborate on model aviation concerns and develop advocacy and lobbying initiatives to address problematic flying issues.

2. To influence/create a positive public perception of model aviation in terms of the value model aviation continues to provide and is capable of providing to our society/citizenry. 

3. To provide the public and news media with information regarding regulations, policies, operational requirements and limitations which exist for safe model aviation flying in the National Air-Space. 

4. To address concerns for the safety of people and property and protection of individual rights. 

5. To protect and insure for continued growth of the sport of model aviation. 

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