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Cub's Survey Analytical Results

Viewable in Real-time 

Unlike the June survey, the August/September survey will remain open to allow clubs who didn't take the survey to do so; and for those that did, to be able to update any of their COVID's impact responses that may have changed.   

When any clubs take the survey or revise any of their responses the software automatically updates the data totals, and creates real-time display reports by district and for each state. To view the survey results click on any of the survey buttons that follow.  



Participants can use their invitation link to go back and update or change any of their response selections or comments at any time, especially when COVID-19 conditions impacting their club change even weeks or months after completing the survey.





  • To determine and assess the relative impact of COVID-19 on AMA clubs by district and state and the risk mitigation limitations/requirements for R/C flying, flying sites, events, and members.
  • To identify the source of the COVID-19 risk mitigation required by clubs and members whether ordered by federal, state, local government, property owners, or the clubs.
  • To find out the number of members who are known by clubs to have tested positive for COVID-19 and any resulting fatalities in each state.
  • To compare and learn what other clubs are experiencing and doing with respect to risk mitigation in the same or different states.  

Survey Design:

  • 20 questions multiple choice responses with optional comment boxes.
  • Less than 10 minute completion time.
  • Incentive for participation is eligibility for a $100 cash drawing.
  • Participants remain anonymous.   

Analysis & Presentation:  

Each question’s response data is presented graphically with numeric and percentage analysis by district for all the clubs that responded in the district and by states for all of the clubs in each of the states in the district.

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