FAA $5 Registration Fee Refund!

As an AMA member operating your model aircraft or drone for recreation, you no longer must be registered with the FAA or have an FAA registration number on your aircraft. For those who are registered and did not receive a refund, you can delete your registration and receive a $5 refund from the FAA by completing an FAA Registration Deletion and Self-Certification Form and mailing to the address on the form. 


Anyone who operates their model aircraft or drone for commercial purposes is still subject to the FAA registration requirements. Although the FAA cannot under the current extension of 336 require recreational operators to have an FAA registration, the FAA encourages voluntary registration by owners of model aircraft or drones. Many expect that the next reauthorization bill will provide explicit directives to the FAA to create a registration system for all UAS. 


Draft legislation on hobbyists might be released soon! Important News from AMA of"Growing Activity in DC". 

Last week was another busy week for AMA in Washington, D.C., where the government affairs team has held multiple meetings with members of Congress and other industry stakeholders to discuss FAA reauthorization and other issues. We’ve met with the Read more >

Joe Nall 2017 Event Report  

District I at Nall by Andy Argenio

Without exception, and although I have been doing it for 15 consecutive years, Joe Nall is the event many of us consider the most spectacular R/C flying event we attend that gets bigger and better every year. This year was no exception, with over 1,800 registered pilots and tens of thousands of AMA members and guests in attendance. 

     Some came to fly off the incredible grass runways and a private lake on 400 gorgeous acres of land. Others came to watch the best pilots flying all types of model aircraft, but most will say they were there to meet old friends, make new friends, and experience the comradery and the hospitality that this event is best known for. prices. 

     New site additions included the air-conditioned Learning/Education Center which was open with a vast collection of model aircraft, a large movie screen, and a section with multiple flight simulators. The sites for camping, trailers and RVs were enlarged. There were eight active flight lines including the main Giant Scale, 3-D Giant Scale, Floatplane, Electric Park Flyer, Helicopter, Control Line, FPV, and a FPV-MultiGP race course area. More than 70 vendors were present with a great variety of RC products and discount.  Read more + Videos & Photos >


New App Identifies Manned Aircraft 

Within Your UAS Flight Area    by Andy Argenio

It is recommended that pilots who fly at non-chartered flying sites, utilize FAA’s B4UFLY App or AirMap, on their mobile devices to identify restricted locations or those requiring permission. I acquired a new app called Plane Finder by Pinkfroot. While the other apps identify airports and no-fly areas, this app identifies and displays manned aircraft in real time within an adjustable range up to 100 miles from the user’s location. The app picks up Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast signals (ADS-B) from aircraft equipped with ADS-B transceivers.            Read more >


Importance of Club Leader/Contact Being Focal Point For The Event - 

Easily Identified Contact Is Key

This is a critical point to having a successful event. There must be an assigned

individual or group of individuals in the club that are the contact points. Everyone from the media,

local business contacts, Chamber of Commerce’s, Visitors Bureau’s etc. must know who to contact.

You should provide a minimum of the individuals name, phone, email, and mailing address. If there

is a club website available, it is good to note the site address with the other information. Click on booklet image above to learn much more...


AMA District I and National News 

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See listing in "events". More information contact District 1 AVP Daren Hudson- 603 674 5809 or dth7@comcast.net

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