AMA Event Sanction Portal For Contest Directors & Event Managers

Welcome to the Event Sanction Portal

The AMA is excited to offer our members the ability to submit their applications for an event sanction via the web.  The AMA has created an online sanctioning process that is designed to eliminate the need for multiple mailings, thus speeding up the approval process, and reducing the costs of postage.

Please follow one of the three links above. 

  • The Create link will start a new application to fill out your event information, the type of events taking place, and also the options to purchase advertising or additional insurance.  
  • The Renew link will provide a list of previous sanctions issued to yourself or your club(s) and will fill in much of the data on your application.  
  • The View link will show you a list of sanction applications that you have entered online, and shows the status of each one.  You may also add insurance or advertising to a previously submitted application.

Contest Directors Guide

Event Managers Guide 


If you need help, or discover an error in your application, please contact the Competition Department via email:

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