How to Help with Proposed Local UAS Legislation

27 Apr 2017 6:16 PM | Andrew (Administrator)

How to Help with Local UAS Legislation:

AMA district officers continue to monitor state and local governments for proposed UAS/drone legislation that would be detrimental to the AMA and aeromodeling. 

In the past two years, an alarming number of municipalities have introduced ordinances and resolutions that prohibited or restricted UAS/model-aircraft flying in cities and towns within the district. 

If you are made aware of proposed bills, ordinances or resolutions in your community, please let us know by contacting any of our AMA District Officers since its extremely difficult to monitor every local governing body in New England. 

The sooner we can respond to proposed onerous legislation, the more likely we can voice objections and offer suggestions for revisions that will not conflict with federal law and regulations that AMA members comply with when flying UAS in the National Air Space (NAS). 


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