Flight4CF Drone Racing

12 Sep 2018 6:12 PM | Steven

One of the Beverley Regional Airshow organizers, Paul Johnson, happened to be in Reno Nevada last year and stumbled across the DR1 Championship race. The Flight4CF organizers (Rich Little and Paul) see UAVs as the future of aviation and want an example of this at their airshow.

So with that said they were invited to be a part of Beverly Airshow Flight4CF this past weekend (Sept 8,9th). We had the opportunity so showcase the up and coming fast moving FPV Drone racing. Some of you that watch sports have probably seen this on television. This has taken off like wild fire. The amount of concentration and skill to fly drones with goggles on though the race gates is something that the Jetson's couldn't even do!!

A construction crew was formed with Jason, Tim, Nick, Aaron, Ross (not pictured), Doug A. (not pictured), Mike (not pictured), Dave (not pictured). It took all day Friday, before the Air Show, and into the evening to erect the “Rotor Dome”. The construction team was so worried something would go wrong, and some said they didn’t sleep much that night. They thought the net structure might not stand or it would be too much of an eyesore or something else unacceptable. They were wrong! The net stood well enough, and pilots that I look up to, seemed more than pleased with what we had built.

Though out of sight for most of the event, many spectators had found them, none the less. Most people had at least heard of FPV drone racing and were interested to learn more. All were blown away by the skill and precision some of these pilots possess.

Chris, with Doug Kling’s assistance (both pictured), sanctioned Sunday the afternoon races as an official MultiGP event.

Thanks Paul Johnson and your guys for helping make this event memorable for all that saw this event!

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