Boy Scouts Of America NHX Jamboree

06 May 2018 8:21 AM | Steven

Through the hard work and coordination of Daren Hudson District 1 AVP on Saturday May 5th, 2018 (Cinco De Mayo) AMA District 1 club members along with our District 1 Vice President Andy Argenio were invited to be participants at the Boy Scouts Of America NHX Jamboree held at Loudon Speedway in Louden, NH.

There were many activities for the Scouts to enjoy at this event. There was NASCAR racing, Go-Carts with speeds up to 80 MPH, rock climbing, and a Unites States Army Black Hawk Helicopter fly in with show and tell, classic cars, and numerous activities throughout the day!

Daren Hudson and Andy Argenio were able to have the Academy of Model Aeronautics RC Airplane Simulator Trailer be present to give the kids the experience of flying a radio controlled airplanes with out the risk of "real time" cost associated after a mishap!!

Although we had some serious wind conditions it didn't stop us from demo flying some of our airplanes! (After coaxing) I was brave enough to take a flight with one of my Turbine Jets!! I must say that my knees were knocking but the flight was exciting for the kids to see. I could hear the oohs and aahs from the kids and my confidence level went up! All I kept saying to myself was "don't mess up the landing"  LOL I came in on approach and it was a smooth landing with winds gusting! I then began to breath!!!  LOL

AMA District 1 was well represented by different clubs from the New England area. I'd like to personally thank and acknowledge District 1 VP Andy Argenio, Daren Hudson District 1 AVP, Johnnie Yaz District 1 AVP, Concord Skyhawks, Andy Fagan Freemont Flyers, Plum Island Airport RC, Fremont Flyers, Southern NH Flying Eagles, and ALL of the New England District 1 AMA Club Members that I didn't list for donating their time, skills, and assisting with buddy boxes! Please forgive me if I left any clubs out. Your clubs participation was well represented and I am grateful to you all.

I would also personally like to thank Mr. Reggie Showers from Horizon Hobby for flying to Boston from Philadelphia just to lend a hand and assist with this event. His dedication to the hobby is Outstanding!! (I did have to hear about the Philly Eagles though) LOL

All of You guys gave the Scouts a memorable flying experience that will hopefully spark interest in aviation or engineering! I can't thank you enough for your dedication to our hobby!

Finally although Daren Hudson (D1 AVP) was not able to attend, the AMA portion of this event would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication to our hobby that Daren brings every day!! Daren's Ambassadorship and dedication as an advocate to our hobby is never ending and deserve all the recognition for pulling this together to make it a success!!! Thank you Daren.

I have posted some photos of the event and here is a link to some of them.

"It's All About The Hobby"

Steven Goler D1 AVP

Soaring Eagle


  • 07 May 2018 7:48 AM | Daren (Administrator)
    Wow Steve, thanks but you give me too much credit my friend. I just received a request like some other clubs but saw a wonderful opportunity for the District 1 membership as a whole to participate in this great outreach event. After some networking, the District 1 officers: Andy Argenio (who gladly took the reins since I had a commitment the day of the event), John Yassemedis, Steve Goler, Steve Brehm , along with clubs (Concord Skyhawks, Shermans Flyers, SNH Flying Eagles, Concord Aero Guidance CAGS and Fremont Flyers and other members who volunteered all pitched in to make a memorable day. I also want to thank Reggie for making the trip, I regret not meeting him this time.
    AMA headquarters helped us out with coordinating the simulator trailer and providing handout materials. Andy Argenio was instrumemtal at making the delivery of the trailer happen on time.
    The request for this event came fairly late in the planning process but the cooperation and dedication of all
    our volunteers and their networking abilities we were able to provide an organized presentation to represent aero modeling to this enthusiastic crowd. Weather wasn’t ideal but our pilots and instructors used their skills and nerve to fly for the kids, good stuff!
    I really appreciate all the efforts from everyone who volunteered to make this a wonderful first (hopefully of more to come) involvment in this jamboree. They are not annual evemts but organizers are aware of the best way to contact us in the future. I’m sure they will want us back.

    Great work everyone and thank you all.
    Daren Hudson
    District 1 AVP
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