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  • 12 Jun 2021 9:39 PM | Daren (Administrator)

    May 2021- JPO (Jet Pilot Organization, AMA designated SIG for the Turbine community), with the collaboration with many turbine community pilots, has developed a wonderful document to better organize and explain the Gas Turbine Waiver process.

    See it here at the JPO website "Resources" page-


    JPO "Resources" page- https://www.jetpilots.org/resources

  • 23 Apr 2021 10:52 PM | Daren (Administrator)

    Every new season brings aero modelers, the hobby and our clubs challenges.  Some are new challenges, some are old, some productive and some, well, not so much!  As we come into the 2021 season, punctuated by an unprecedented world pandemic in 2020 that appears to be in the beginning stages of a recovery (thank goodness!), let’s all take some time to reflect, review, resolve and, if necessary, rethink the way we go about “maximizing opportunities for success” in our modeling and the operations of our clubs.  It’s all about relationships.  Relationships with each other, land owners, community and government agencies.  Let’s make 2021 a banner year for model aviation.

    These observations and opinions are based on:  a lifetime career in the aviation industry, a lifetime (with the standard deviations) of aero modeling, volunteer roles within AMA as club officer and president at different clubs, a Leader member for outreach, advocacy and education, an AVP- Associate VP for District 1 and involvement (at different levels) with most disciplines in the hobby and a few SIGs (Special Interest Groups) including IMAC and the Gas Turbine Program.  In addition to sharing modeling concerns and subjects with my fellow AVPs and VPs within District 1 and beyond I have been blessed to learn from and have discussions with aero modelers throughout the world about the few differences but many similarities of the aero modeling experience.  I am further blessed to have been mentored by some extremely talented and experienced modelers.  Finally, my experience with public and educational outreach as well as model aviation advocacy provides a unique perspective.  Working with school administrators and teachers and dealing with local, state and federal governments from outside our immediate modeling community reveals the importance of relationships necessary for aero modeling to co-exist and thrive as a valued community-based activity.

    1. What is Aero modeling? Model aviation?  In the broadest and simplest terms- the activity of flying models.  ANY and ALL flying models are a part of model aviation.  One of the greatest benefits of our hobby and aviation is its extreme diversity.  That’s a good thing.  To exercise any prejudice toward any particular discipline of our hobby is often destructive and never productive for the hobby as a whole.  I’ve been quoted in forums and blogs saying “you can be a limited club or a restricted club with various reasons but you should ALWAYS be a welcoming club”.  If a discipline doesn’t “fit” your club and a person is brave enough to come check your club out for goodness’ sake welcome them to the hobby we all love, show them what you do, express an interest (out of courtesy if nothing else) in what they do.  If necessary, help direct them to a club with a better fit.  That way they leave with a positive experience about you, your club, AMA and the hobby.  Being unwelcoming and negative is poison to our hobby and your club.

    2. Clubs and land owners/ managers, it’s all about relationships.  Whatever arrangement you have at your club, a positive relationship with the land owner, manager or community is crucial to survival.  That could not be truer than right now as we are at the dawn of AMA being officially recognized as the premiere CBO- Community Based Organization and the application for FRIAs- FAA Recognized Identification Areas coming soon.  Our clubs and the members are community members and voters.  Leaders outside the modeling hobby need to be informed and educated on the “community good” that clubs and modeling offer on many levels- education outreach, public event outreach, fundraising efforts, enjoyable wholesome activity for all ages, etc.  This information should never be assumed to be known beyond the hobby community.  It must be cultivated and nurtured by officers and members.  Town boards, land ownership, Park managers all change over time, a land management club liaison or committee is a great way to keep the channels of communication open.  A note on communicating with land owners and managers.  They generally do not fully understand the hobby and the different forms of model aviation.  They are concerned about their land being treated with respect and limiting any issues.  Speak with them from their perspective, what you would want to hear if you were the owner/ manager.  For instance, meet with them with a group of club officers (who have met prior to develop a strategy to represent the club in the best light possible), a dialogue may go like this- “… the club is in good shape, we have a maintenance plan for the property, we are on constant lookout for any unapproved activities.  Our safety programs are under constant review in order to mitigate any threats, etc…”.  Don’t forget that your AMA district officers have access to additional resources, have experience mitigating incidents and are here to assist clubs and members. Regarding flying sites- All clubs should always have site search on the agenda.  All members should have their eyes opened for possible venues and when spotted, an active relationship should be developed with the owner/ manager.  Flying sites do not all last forever, be on the lookout, always.

    3. Club “tone”?  Clubs generally form with like-minded people interested in similar activities.  Model aviation offers so many choices that these interests often change and intertwine, sometimes changing the dynamics of clubs.  Club officers can set the tone.  They are there to represent the membership.  A simple “tone” could be good communications.  Communicate on the flight line, at the flying site, about your intentions and more importantly any concerns you may have.  Communicate, through the channels of the club; meetings, newsletters, social media, email to represent the good of the club and the hobby.  Resolve personal conflict personally.  This alone could solve so many issues.  Thinking from a perspective of “is it good for the club? For the hobby?” has been successful at many clubs.

    4. Safety!  So many opinions, so many thoughts, techniques.  AMA has given a great back drop to this subject, the AMA Safety Code and the AMA Safety Handbook.  They do not cover every circumstance, no code, handbook could ever do that.  They are created through a scientific risk mitigation process.  MITIGATION, that’s the key.  Accidents WILL happen.  It’s not about “WHAT” had the accident.  ALL aircraft, ALL power plants (even pure gliders have battery operated receivers and they pose risk) can have accidents, ALL aircraft present threats and risk.  Mitigation does not involve eliminating the “what”.  It’s about what we do to mitigate the risk or threat before a possible accident and what we do after an accident to prevent it from becoming more severe (crash response policy and procedures for ALL aircraft), learning from it and not repeating it.  In aviation safety the safest aircraft is the one that never moves!  So, if we want absolute safety, we don’t fly.  Barring that unrealistic position, we MITIGATE and we manage risk and threats.  How?   Through the use of the Safety Code and Safety Handbook recommendations and suggestions and adding any specific special requirements for a particular operation or venue.  These mitigations vary and can change over time.  They involve analysis of previous accidents, assessment of possible perceived risks, erring to the conservative with procedures when a new operation takes place, easing tighter restrictions with proven performance.  Safety also involves how individuals maintain competence with their flying abilities, regardless on flying discipline.  We all must double and triple check our construction, electronics, assembly, powerplants and perform thorough preflight checks, control checks and post flight checks at a minimum. 

    Safety is not about the “What”, it is about the “How”.


    I truly hope this helps everyone meet this season with a renewed sense of dedication to making our clubs and the hobby thrive.  Have a great 2021 and beyond.  Hope to see you on a flight line.


         YOUR HOBBY

              ONE COMMUNITY



    Daren Hudson

    AMA District 1 AVP

  • 25 Feb 2021 9:25 PM | Steven



    My name is Steven Goler, and I am a District 1 AVP working for the betterment of our hobby! I work closely with our District 1 Vice President Andy Argenio. Andy is continually active in our District 1 community and set the standard for all of us District 1 AVP’s to be active and promote the hobby in all ways we can. So, I took this opportunity to do just that! I believe that we all owe it to whom ever is interested in model aviation. We should strive to keep the enthusiasm alive and stimulate the minds of our youth as well as people that have been in this hobby for years. Model aviation has a way of expressing a feeling of accomplishment seeing something that you built and seeing your dream of flight come to fruition!

    A few months ago, I invited a close family friend to one of the jet rallies that was held at Plum Island Radio Control Flyers Inc. AMA #5198 Newbury MA. Unbeknownst to me he told one of his friends who is an educator with Brookline METCO (Public Schools) about me and my jets. Her name is Felicia (Cece) Huggins; she is the METCO Advisor for John Pierce School, and the William H. Lincoln School in Brookline, MA (617) 942-1759. What is METCO you ask?

    METCO is a school integration program that enrolls Urban Boston students in high-performing public schools in the suburbs to reduce racial isolation. Children get a great education, make life long interracial friendships, and prepare for a diverse global economy since 1966. I have had three of my very own younger siblings attend METCO and they are all successful citizens; making a difference in the communities they grew up in and paying it forward for the next generation.

    My friend showed Ms. Huggins a video of me flying one of my jets. She was so impressed that she shared it with her students. I guess the students were so excited about seeing these jets that they wanted to know more about them! So, she got back to my friend and asked how to contact me so she could find out more about these amazing jets. Ms. Felicia asked me if I would be willing to participate in a Zoom meeting with these children and talk to them about the hobby and how it has impacted my life. We finally made contact and I jumped all over the opportunity to share my knowledge of the hobby and how it helped me make a career choice all stemming from having fun with model airplanes! I never thought that just flying a “toy” plane would help mold my life choices! The spark was lit.

    These children come from the same urban community that I grew up, Boston, Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan. We did not see a lot of people that looked like us with radio-controlled airplanes. I was fortunate to have an uncle that had a radio-controlled airplane and that is how I got introduced to radio-control anything! I was instantly hooked!  How could I deny these kids the same opportunity that I got to experience the fun world of flying a radio-controlled airplane? The answer is simple, I could not that is how! Subsequently Ms. Felicia and I set a date to make this happen.




    I thought to myself if there was someone that I can reach out to that would assist me with this presentation. Someone that has the same passion and a great knowledge of model airplanes, the hobby, and most importantly life experiences! Instantly a great friend came to mind that has spoken to all ages of people literally throughout the world. He is an AMA member in good standing, a Horizon Hobby ambassador and well known throughout the hobby! He is also a two-time NHRA motorcycle drag race champion! His name is Reggie Showers! Reggie has been a good friend to me, and we constantly communicate about the hobby and life in general. So, when I reached out to Reggie Showersthere was no hesitation in his response. He was onboard before I finished telling him about this opportunity to pass on the education that could help mold a child’s mind in a positive way. And that is what it’s really all about!


    On February 10, 2021 we began our Zoom session with a classroom full of inquisitive articulate children. We opened the session with both introductions, a brief history of Academy of Model Aeronautics and its mission. I shared information about our AMA Youth Membership and educational opportunities. Explained that the AMA scholarships offer up to $50,000 awarded annually in college scholarships. Also, there is access to 2,400 AMA flying clubs & fields throughout the country. Information is at their fingertips on the AMA site and there’s always someone to help when needed.

    As we spoke some of their hands went up almost right away. They wanted to know how fast the planes were, how high do they go, how far can they go, and how do we control them. These were all exceptionally good questions. The one question that they did not ask was how much it costs! I really thought that they would have asked for sure, but they were more interested in the operation of them and the skill needed to operate one of these jets. Many of the children wanted to know how long it took for us to be able to fly jets. Of course, we told them that we all started out small with propeller airplanes and worked out way up as we gained experience. We told them that it took a lot of practice and crashing to get here; and still not done crashing!!! (lol)

    As I mentioned earlier, we wanted to emphasize that education is the key to everything in life. Even when you are playing there’s learning involved. We went into some of the history of how the Tuskegee Airman became one of the best fighting squadrons during World War II. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first Black military aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps (AAC), a precursor of the U.S. Air Force. Trained at the Tuskegee Army Airfield in Alabama, they flew more than 15,000 individual sorties in Europe and North Africa during World War II. American bomber crews nicknamed the 332nd, the Red Tails or Red Tail Angels after the red tail markings on the vertical stabilizers of the unit's aircraft. The Luftwaffe called the Tuskegee Airmen, Der Schwarze Vogelmenschen, literally the Black Birdmen.




    The children were glued to the screen as Mr. Showers was explaining to them how people that looked exactly like them were a significant part of helping to win World War II and liberating Europe. The point is that it does not matter what your skin color is, it is that you can do anything, be anything you want to in this country with hard work and dedication. During the conversation one of the children Googled Mr. Showers and she was so impressed at what she was reading she let him know! Now that is instant education at your fingertips! Someone they just met on a computer instilling the power of the internet for the good of education. Now that is what I am talking about!

    As our hour came closer to the end we wondered where the time went. We ended up showing them another video with drones. We talked to them about FPV drones. How drones can be used to earn a living, fire and rescue, home sales and lots of ways to earn a living through the technology that is ever growing. The sky’s literally the limit when it comes to radio-controlled airplanes and drones. The seed has been planted and people like Reggie Showers and me are there to water the seeds to watch them grow!


    Steven Goler,

    District 1 AVP 644171

  • 12 Sep 2018 6:12 PM | Steven

    One of the Beverley Regional Airshow organizers, Paul Johnson, happened to be in Reno Nevada last year and stumbled across the DR1 Championship race. The Flight4CF organizers (Rich Little and Paul) see UAVs as the future of aviation and want an example of this at their airshow.

    So with that said they were invited to be a part of Beverly Airshow Flight4CF this past weekend (Sept 8,9th). We had the opportunity so showcase the up and coming fast moving FPV Drone racing. Some of you that watch sports have probably seen this on television. This has taken off like wild fire. The amount of concentration and skill to fly drones with goggles on though the race gates is something that the Jetson's couldn't even do!!

    A construction crew was formed with Jason, Tim, Nick, Aaron, Ross (not pictured), Doug A. (not pictured), Mike (not pictured), Dave (not pictured). It took all day Friday, before the Air Show, and into the evening to erect the “Rotor Dome”. The construction team was so worried something would go wrong, and some said they didn’t sleep much that night. They thought the net structure might not stand or it would be too much of an eyesore or something else unacceptable. They were wrong! The net stood well enough, and pilots that I look up to, seemed more than pleased with what we had built.

    Though out of sight for most of the event, many spectators had found them, none the less. Most people had at least heard of FPV drone racing and were interested to learn more. All were blown away by the skill and precision some of these pilots possess.

    Chris, with Doug Kling’s assistance (both pictured), sanctioned Sunday the afternoon races as an official MultiGP event.

    Thanks Paul Johnson and your guys for helping make this event memorable for all that saw this event!

  • 09 Sep 2018 7:26 PM | Steven

    Well day 2 is in the history books. It was a fabulous day at the Flight4CF (Cystic Fibrosis). It started out with paratroopers and then the show was on! A little different format with the flight schedule that ended up with our team flying 4th and then closing out the flying portion of the event! Boy it did not disappoint! We had Cody Wojcik leading off with his world class freestyle 3D flight with his Yakk 54 whipping the crowd into a frenzy! Second was Scott Geller bringing the crowd to a captivating performance with his A-10 Warthog!!

    After the full scale WW II war birds did their final performance for the weekend it was our turn again. Cody led off followed up with Chris McNaughton demonstrating the speed and skill with his Silver and yellow CARF Ultra Flash with speeds reaching close to 200 mph! :O After Cody landed Scott demonstrated his 4 meter Leonardo Jet! This was such a crowd pleaser! The flight was as smooth and graceful as if you were watching a dolphin swimming in the sky without the ocean!!! :)

    After Scott landed we were graced with Cody and Chris demonstrating two different examples of power! Cody was flying his electric airplane that reached speeds of 140mph :O and Chris flying his turbine! The pièce de résistance ended with Scott Geller flying his beautiful BAE Hawk in the camo scheme! It was marvelous to say the least!!!

    This was a spectacular weekend and I am glad that we (Plum Island Airport RC Club AMA # 5198) was asked to be a part of this wonderful event! A big thank you to all the RC Pilots that participated in this event that was just as amazing as watching the full scale aerobatics that had the crowd screaming with enthusiasm!

    I want to thank Richard Little who put this whole project together for his charity called Flight4CF (Flight for Cystic Fibrois) This charity is very dear to his heart as his daughter goes through this fight with cystic fibrosis! What better way to fight this and contribute to find a cure for this terrible disease that people such as Rich's daughter deal with in their daily lives!

    I also want to thank Larry Roper for coordinating schedules with Scott Geller that allowed Scott to come all the way from Andover New Jersey to be a part of this air show. I don't think that anyone would mind if I said that Scott and his magnificent flying machines were the highlight of the show! I also want to thank our pilots Larry, Chris and his girlfriend Danielle, Cody Wojcik and his father Ted Wojcik, Jim Caloggero, and our AMA District VP Andy Argenio for spending time with us all day Saturday and splitting his time with us on Sunday. Andy attended another important event that was being held in Concord New Hampshire today too. This event was well represented also as Daren Hudson District 1 AVP was the CD for this wonderful fundraising event that we were fortunate enough to be a part of last year!

    Here are just a few more photos of this magnificent event that was exciting to be a part of as it was to watch!


    Link to day one blog: http://www.amadistrict-i.org/BLOG-1/6657273

    Here's a link to some of the photos https://www.facebook.com/soaring.eagle.129/posts/10217229663358271?__tn__=K-R

  • 06 Sep 2018 2:57 PM | Steven

    We are gearing up for this great event this weekend. It's going to be great weather. I am looking forward to this airshow to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. Please so please join me! Come on out and have some fun and see some really cool airplanes. There will be airplane rides and all kinds of activities for families and kids to participate in! So many different types of aircraft to see up close and personal.

    We will be having a radio control jet demonstration from Scott Geller. He will bring his 4 meter Leonardo and you won't want to miss this! Scott is one of the premier RC Pilots on the East Coast with incredible skills. There will also be members of our Plum Island Airport RC Club AMA # 5198 demonstrating their skills too!

    Come on out and have some fun! We look forward to seeing you there! :) (Please Share this post if possible)

    Thank you,

    Steven Goler (Soaring Eagle)
    AMA District 1 AVP


  • 20 Jul 2018 9:34 PM | Steven

    Plattsburgh NY Sept 21 - 23 Jet Scramble. This is the link to Facabook with the flyer


  • 16 Jul 2018 5:04 PM | Steven

    I attended the Rutland County Radio Control Flyers FUN-FLY on Saturday July 14th. It was a 3 day event but I was only to attend for a day and half. It was held at the Fair Haven Municipal Airport in Fair Haven, VT. When I got there and saw the manicured cut runway with open sky surrounding it I was amazed. They had the perfect place to enjoy the hobby!

    The club members were welcoming and very nice people to spend time with. We talked, laughed, and flew all day! The atmosphere was so relaxing that I felt as if I were a member! There were all kinds of planes represented. They had war birds, cubs, sport planes, FPV, helicopters, and yes even jets!! I flew two of my jets and took a little video of the event from an aerial perspective. (The other times I flew I forgot to turn the camera on!) :P lol Any way I am looking forward to attending next year!

    The Rutland County Flyers have one of the best venues that I've ever visited. The scenic views on the way to the field were spectacular!! The mountains were full of vibrant chlorophyll. Now I understand why they call Vermont the "Green Mountain State"! ;) This little video will show you the beauty of the Green Mountains! Thanks for the hospitality!


    President: Fred Capron
    Vice-President: Bob Case
    Secretary/Treasurer: Brant Duffy
    Safety Officer: Bob Wilcox

    Here's a link to their web site. https://sites.google.com/site/rcrcf3090/home

    Steve G. AMA District I AVP

    Facebook link to video https://www.facebook.com/groups/amadistrict1/

  • 06 May 2018 8:21 AM | Steven

    Through the hard work and coordination of Daren Hudson District 1 AVP on Saturday May 5th, 2018 (Cinco De Mayo) AMA District 1 club members along with our District 1 Vice President Andy Argenio were invited to be participants at the Boy Scouts Of America NHX Jamboree held at Loudon Speedway in Louden, NH.

    There were many activities for the Scouts to enjoy at this event. There was NASCAR racing, Go-Carts with speeds up to 80 MPH, rock climbing, and a Unites States Army Black Hawk Helicopter fly in with show and tell, classic cars, and numerous activities throughout the day!

    Daren Hudson and Andy Argenio were able to have the Academy of Model Aeronautics RC Airplane Simulator Trailer be present to give the kids the experience of flying a radio controlled airplanes with out the risk of "real time" cost associated after a mishap!!

    Although we had some serious wind conditions it didn't stop us from demo flying some of our airplanes! (After coaxing) I was brave enough to take a flight with one of my Turbine Jets!! I must say that my knees were knocking but the flight was exciting for the kids to see. I could hear the oohs and aahs from the kids and my confidence level went up! All I kept saying to myself was "don't mess up the landing"  LOL I came in on approach and it was a smooth landing with winds gusting! I then began to breath!!!  LOL

    AMA District 1 was well represented by different clubs from the New England area. I'd like to personally thank and acknowledge District 1 VP Andy Argenio, Daren Hudson District 1 AVP, Johnnie Yaz District 1 AVP, Concord Skyhawks, Andy Fagan Freemont Flyers, Plum Island Airport RC, Fremont Flyers, Southern NH Flying Eagles, and ALL of the New England District 1 AMA Club Members that I didn't list for donating their time, skills, and assisting with buddy boxes! Please forgive me if I left any clubs out. Your clubs participation was well represented and I am grateful to you all.

    I would also personally like to thank Mr. Reggie Showers from Horizon Hobby for flying to Boston from Philadelphia just to lend a hand and assist with this event. His dedication to the hobby is Outstanding!! (I did have to hear about the Philly Eagles though) LOL

    All of You guys gave the Scouts a memorable flying experience that will hopefully spark interest in aviation or engineering! I can't thank you enough for your dedication to our hobby!

    Finally although Daren Hudson (D1 AVP) was not able to attend, the AMA portion of this event would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication to our hobby that Daren brings every day!! Daren's Ambassadorship and dedication as an advocate to our hobby is never ending and deserve all the recognition for pulling this together to make it a success!!! Thank you Daren.

    I have posted some photos of the event and here is a link to some of them.


    "It's All About The Hobby"

    Steven Goler D1 AVP

    Soaring Eagle

  • 30 Apr 2018 3:26 PM | Daren (Administrator)

    New season, New pilots, New Instructors! 

    Time to dust the rust off as 2018 Flying season in District 1 gets underway. 

    This Blog is intended to be a “living” document where techniques, anecdotes and quality instruction information can be shared. Please share and check back often. 

    ***Instructor Pilot Clinics!***

    We all know great pilots don’t always mean great instructors, right?

    How about getting together area club: long time, brand new and those interested in instructing together at a host field to discuss techniques, setups, lessons learned, anecdotes and other beneficial information to share near and far so we can all do our best to train the next generation of model aviators?

    Great pilots and great instructors are constantly learning and relearning to be the best they can to serve their students and get them up and away safely and quickly with a solid foundation and a full “tool box” to expand on themselves through productive practice with purpose. 

    Please share this around and let’s try to pull off a few of these this year. 

    Daren Hudson

    District 1 AVP

    Education Outreach 

    Intro Pilot Instructor

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