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2016 Flying Site Development/Improvement Grant Applications

Due before March 15, 2017

The AMA Flying Site Development Improvement Grant Program is designed to help provide funding for AMA Chartered Clubs that are making improvements to AMA Chartered Club Flying sites. Recipients of this grant will be announced May the first of each year and it may be up to 10% of the total improvement cost to the maximum of $3,000.

District I VP Andy’s Advice:

Although the AMA now has an online Flying Site Grant Application, I am recommending that the club member, tasked with applying for the grant, complete the District I Flying Site Grant working copy and email it to me along with copies of the receipts (or projected cost estimates) before completing and submitting the online grant application.

I have been helping district I clubs with Grant Applications for over a decade and nearly every club that sought help was awarded the maximum 10% of the total project cost. In 2015 district I had three clubs apply and each club required district guidance and received their grants.

  Ask 2015 Grant Winners below how they benefited from district help  

Northern Connecticut RC Club Franklin County Radio Control Club Otis Model Aero Club

If you elect to do the online application, I will still be able to review the results but I will be limited to only responding to correctable problems and not advising on improvements that may be needed in the club responses on the application. Remember all must be done and at AMA HQ before the deadline of March 15th.

  • The grant must be for improvements to AMA flying sites and not related to maintenance of the facilities, or operating costs.
  • No club may receive a second grant within a three year period.
  • The receipts or estimates must equal the amount requested of the grant.
First review the grant policies and procedures, Second download the district grant application, complete it and email it to the district vice president for review and any revisions, Third once the VP approves complete the online grant application and press submit.  

   Grant Policy & Procedures Download District Grant Application Online Grant Application

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