One Club, One Leader Member

31 Aug 2017 1:25 AM | Andrew (Administrator)

One Club, One Leader Member

Every AMA Chartered Club should make it a priority to have at least one active Leader Member among its membership. AMA needs active Leader Members who will assist AMA vice presidents and associate vice presidents with their day-to-day district functions.

Are you a Leader Members or potential one? Are you willing to keep up-to-date with AMA programs and benefits offered to AMA members? Are you willing to go to your club’s meetings and functions and keep the members informed of all that the AMA has to offer?

It’s challenging, but not difficult. Everything needed is available online on the AMA website. There are Leader Members throughout the AMA who have taken up the challenge and are seeing positive results. Clubs and members are learning more about AMA than ever before. If you want to volunteer as an active Leader Member and want to know more, visit and meet the challenge.


  • 19 Apr 2019 3:46 PM | Cody Falk
    This kind of situation is quite embarrassing for now, but in future you will laugh on this scene for some time. It is these little mishaps that we keep on remembering for years ad smile on the foolish antics of ours. If you want to read such antics than on you will find many stories of people with same luck as you.
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